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I believe your wedding should be a BIG ass celebration because hosting a great party is the best way to show your friends true love.  Some people plan their wedding so that they can be seen, you plan your wedding because you want to see your people. You've planned the day to maximize laughter... You've got a playlist guaranteed to make people dance, and your damn straight that you'll be the first one out there!  It's not just a great party... It's your way of showing how much you love the ones closest to you. 

I am here to help guide you to a wedding day experience that allows you to be the best dang host EVER.  

Let's plan your wedding day schedule, so you, and your friends, can kick back and get to the good stuff... Laughing, drinking, dancing... A huge celebration!  Your friends will remember it as being... "OMG The Best Wedding Ever!"  

YOur wedding is the Biggest Celebration of your lives







My Approach is

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The best way to show your peeps you love them...

I believe one size fits all actually fits no one.  
I listened to all three 50 shades of grey books in surround sound - by myself.  
Tabletops are the only place to dance!
I bring my Vitamix monster-blender to friend's parties because whole fruit margaritas cant be created with cheap-o bar mixers.  
Dirty looks from drivers next to me because my music is too loud. #awesome.
Some of my favorite articles of clothing were left by friends after parties. If it fits just right, it's mine!
Touching down in a new city without plans is the best way to create legendary stories.
I have line item in my budget for ridiculously looooong showers.
Last minute road trips in my BMW are not complete without a night spent sleeping in the back seat.
I've never eaten too many Cheeze-It's... The whole box is exactly the right amount
Hosting a kick-ass party is the best way to show your friends true love.   
I won't wear a dress shirt unless its been tailored. That custom fit makes me feel like a SEXY BEAST!
Do something you love. Find your passion. Have a Palooza.

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SIGN UP FOR my 12 Tips To plan the best wedding EVER! 

I've collected the top three tips that every vendor wishes you knew about a wedding... Planners, Florists, Hair and Makeup artists... Get in the know! 


WHAT ARE the three things you are MOST EXCITED FOR ABOUT YOUR WEDDING!?!?!!!

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